29 Mar. 19

Benefits Of Having Your Carpet Cleaned For Spring

When you are cleaning your home during the spring, don’t forget to call experts to shampoo your home’s carpets. Winter weather conditions can lead to having additional debris on the carpets in a home because you and your guests will have a lot of debris on your shoes. Here is how having your carpets cleaned in the spring offers several benefits.

Eliminating Dirt

While you may mop your bare floors on a weekly basis, you probably only vacuum the carpets, and this does not eliminate all of the dirt. The mud and other debris from everyone’s shoes will seep deep into the carpet’s fibers, and the only way to remove it is with a professional cleaning method that injects water and extracts the dirt.


Removing Odors

The carpets in your home may smell terrible from cooking odors, pet accidents and other debris that is tracked in on winter boots. You may notice a pungent odor in your home, and while vacuuming each week can remove some of the debris from the carpets, this task will not eliminate the disgusting odors. A professional cleaner can apply specialized chemicals to the carpets to lift and remove horrible odors.


Destroying Dust Mites

There are likely dust mites and other insects living in your home’s carpets. Despite having a clean home, there are little pests that thrive in a carpet’s fibers, consuming the backing of the carpets or eating the flakes of skin that fall from our bodies. These dust mites also leave excrement in the carpet’s fibers, and this is what can lead to an allergic reaction as the substance floats into the air.


Getting Rid of Mold Spores

When your home’s carpets are sanitized with high-grade industrial equipment, it will pick up the mold spores that are in the carpets. If your home’s carpets are damp from the snow and ice that people carry in on their shoes, then it is possible that mold is growing in the fibers or on the backing of the carpet. The mold can also grow on the underlying carpet padding and floor tiles, leading to allergic reactions such as sneezing and coughing.


Having an Attractive Home

If you want to have a home that is more attractive, then make sure to shampoo the carpets in the spring. On a warmer day, the professional carpet-cleaning technicians can open the windows of your home while they shampoo the carpets, and this will help the fibers to dry quickly.


Helping Carpets to Last Longer

Carpets are expensive, and if you want to help the items to last longer, then you should have your home’s carpets shampooed in the spring. After your carpets are sanitized, your home will smell fresher, and you won’t feel embarrassed about entertaining throughout the summer months. To learn more about the benefits of professional carpet-cleaning services, contact Drying Tech of PWC Inc., in Manassas, Va.