09 Sep. 16

Hire Certified Professionals!

When your home is damaged by a flood or from a broken plumbing fixture, the water can create a lot of damage quickly. In order to remove the moisture from a home, you need to hire a professional cleanup team. The experts who understand water damage cleaning have the proper tools and cleansers to remove moisture that contains pathogens. Working around the slippery surfaces in a flooded home is dangerous for amateurs who don’t have the proper safety equipment. After a flood occurs in a home, it is also likely that there is no electricity in the building, but a remediation company can provide a generator so that technicians can operate extraction machines and sump pumps.

1. Removing Water from the Lower Levels

After a flood of water recedes from your home, you are left with a huge mess of mud, sewage and moisture on floors, walls and ceilings. However, the first thing that a remediation team must do is remove the remaining standing water from the lower level of your home. The lowest level is usually a basement, and if water is not removed quickly, then the moisture will destroy your home’s foundation. In addition, the water will continue to creep upward, damaging your home’s insulation layers and electrical wiring. Technicians must install a sump pump to suction the standing water from the lower levels of your home, and the water that is collected is taken to an off-site location.

2. Increasing Air Circulation to Eliminate Humidity While Drying Surfaces

Flooded homes have poor air circulation, leading to a high humidity level that makes it difficult to dry the surfaces. A remediation technician will install circulating fans and dehumidifiers to eliminate the humidity. Not only does reducing humidity in a flooded building help the surfaces to dry faster, but also, a reduction in humidity can prevent secondary damage from mildew and mold. Professional remediation teams also focus on drying a home’s ductwork to improve a building’s air quality as fast as possible.

3. Extracting Moisture from All Surfaces in Your Home

If your home has wall-to-wall carpets, then the fibers become saturated with dirty water that requires efficient removal with specialized extraction machines. When your home has been underwater for an extended amount of time, the remediation team must remove the carpets from your property. In some cases, these carpets are dried in a warehouse in machines, but it is usually less expensive to throw the items away. Alternatively, a technician can use an extraction machine to suction the water from the carpets before the items are sanitized with cleansers that destroy bacteria, viruses and insects.

Remediation Teams Can Work on a 24-hour Basis

When you contact a professional water damage company, it will send several technicians to your home to work on a 24-hour basis. After the moisture is removed from every surface, it is important for the remediation team to apply chemicals that will eliminate mold and deodorizers that reduce foul odors.