Drying Tech – Mold Removal Experts

When you leave water damage untreated for an extended period of time, you need to have it professionally cleaned immediately. If you don’t have it cleaned properly, the moisture levels increase and mold starts to grow, which can cause more severe damage.

Mold growth can be a big issue during months when it’s hotter than usual or damp. Removing mold is a complex process, that can be even more difficult in older home that were not built with mold prevention in mind.

Getting mold removed promptly not only saves you from costly repairs later on, but it can also help save your health, because breathing in mold can contribute to several different illnesses. Luckily, Drying Tech is your trusted company for mold removal in Northern Virginia and the Surrounding areas.

Benefits Of Mold Removal Service

Early Detection
At Drying Tech, we use the latest tools and technology to help detect mold, even if it’s not visible on the surface. Mold starts to grow under your flooring, in your ducts, in your insulation, and behind the walls, so it can be undetected for months or even years. By the time the mold surfaces on the outside, it might have already spread significantly under the surface. The best way to detect mold you cannot see is by hiring a mold removal specialist.

Total Mold Removal
Completely removing all of the mold in your home can be a grueling process. Mold spreads very easily through the air, which makes removal even more difficult. Once a colony of mold has been disturbed, the airborne spores spread quickly. You may have been tempted to buy a mold removal product from a store. But many of those products can actually make the issue worse, and don’t completely remove all of the mold. To get the job done right, let a professional handle the job for you.

Protect Your Health
Mold is very bad for your health. A mistake that many DIYers make is trying to treat mold themselves without taking the necessary safety precautions. Mold removal requires special equipment such as a respiratory mask, rubber gloves, and in severe cases, a full body suit. Most property owners don’t have the proper equipment, which is very dangerous. Disposing of mold is another step that requires special care. At Drying Tech, we take all of the necessary safety precautions when removing and disposing of mold in your property.

Keep your home and your family safe by allowing the mold removal experts at Drying Tech to take care of the mold in your property in Northern Virginia and the Surrounding areas today.