07 May. 21

Removing Pet Odor with Carpet Cleaning

Who doesn’t love their four-legged family members? Cats and dogs are adorable and can take away much of our stress. However, your lovable pet can also bring unpleasant smells with them. Your clothes, furniture, bedding and most especially, your carpet can start accumulating a certain smell. Removing pet odor from your home can potentially be a real challenge.

Dogs and cats have that distinctive smell that separates them from us. Anyone can instantly tell if the homeowner has pets just by smelling their home. Regular bathing and grooming your pet can keep the odor to a minimum but it doesn’t guarantee that your home will not smell unpleasant. If you want to keep your home smelling fresh without letting go of your pet, you should start with cleaning your carpet. Your carpet is where your pet lays most of the time thus it gets all the dirt and odor from your pet. 

Cleaning your carpet

A carpet can make a home look inviting. It instantly lifts your home’s indoor appearance. However, your carpet is most vulnerable to all sorts of dirt – most especially from your pet. Pet hair, pet urines and other pet odor can stick to your carpet. That is why, it’s important that you keep your carpet clean and smelling fresh. Vacuuming your carpet regularly is a nice start. It can remove the basic dirt but sometimes, it’s not enough. DIY cleaning solutions and odor removal products are also not the perfect solution because it doesn’t fix the problem at all but instead, it leaves a “freshly disguised” scent. Your carpet can smell nice temporarily but it will be back to its unpleasant smell after a while. 

Removing pet odor without perfuming

The best way to keep your home clean, tidy and smelling fresh is to clean your carpet professionally. Professional carpet cleaners offer services that will not just eliminate pet odors but will also leave your carpet clean and fresh – it will look nice and new. They have the proper training and knowledge about cleaning your carpet and leaving it fresh and renewed. 

The cleaning services include removing pet odor from carpets using a certain method and they will use a neutralizing solution that will make your entire home smell fresh afterwards. Plus they will offer professional and expert advice about how you can possibly clean your carpet and extend its life in the process. Because they know what they are doing, you can be sure that your carpet is properly treated, cleaned and maintained. With professional cleaners, removing pet odor is not a problem at all. Enjoy the company of your pet while keeping your indoor smelling clean and fresh too.