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Incredible service and work overall. Called them as part of a home insurance claim. Water pipe burst behind a wall that was covered with a kitchen cabinet. Al (Drying Tech owner and the project manager for our issue) was extremely polite and professional throughout the entire cleanup process. He also clearly knew his stuff, kept great documentation, and informed me along the way of what he was doing and what to expect each step of the way. More than pleased with this company. Can’t recommend them highly enough.

John-David Sayle in Manassas, VA

Recently used this company to help with a moisture/mold issue in my house. They responded quickly, professionally, and their work was done well. Also, they sent me via email pictures of the before, during, and after. I would highly recommend this company, and I would use them again if needed.

Juan Rivas in Manassas, VA

Thanks to Al for speedy and Excellent service.

Vamsi Chengari in Manassas, VA

This company is wonderful! I called and left a message about a mold estimate and received messages right back stating they were on a call and would respond further as soon as they were off. From the very beginning it’s clear their focus is getting things remediated quickly, which in the case of mold, that is key! Al came to do our estimate and was able to fit us in that day! He and Salvatore did a fantastic job and explained everything really well. They were respectful of our home and made sure we understood all the steps. As a wonderful bonus they were friendly and fun. When they say friendly enough to be family they mean it! We certainly plan on using them again, though hopefully for preventative care next time!

Mandi Best in Manassas, VA

This past weekend the guys from Drying Tech did a fantastic job getting the water out of my attic after I encountered a double roof leak. They came out within an hour of the repair, did a thorough examination, provided an estimate on the spot, and then went to work right away. The price was very reasonable and the work they did was fantastic. When they came back out a few days later they did another examination and showed me that the attic was now dry.

The way they handled our delicate situation was superb! Al was excellent every step of the way! I’m so glad we hired them for this job and I won’t hesitate to call them again.

Ken Bayes in Manassas, VA

I’ve used Drying Tech before and highly recommend them. They are very professional and provide excellent service.

Ray Dumo in Manassas, VA

I’ve used Drying Tech before and highly recommend them. They are very professional and provide excellent service.

Ray Dumo in Manassas, VA

We had had a problem with mold growth in our crawlspace over many years which started when our crawlspace would retain up to a foot of water after a heavy prolonged rain. It took weeks to drain and evaporate away. We had a another company put a French drain on the inside parameter of the crawlspace and it has remained dry as a bone. But the humidity remained. So we decided, after I realized this is not a job I could hope to do myself, to get some estimates for mold remediation from professionals.
Al Ruano, who runs this family owned and operated business, came out and gave us a great estimate after detailing what we required and what he and his crew would do. He worked carefully in coordination with an HVAC company that would also fix the mold problems on the air duct work.
Drying Tech PWC, Inc. did a meticulously thorough and conscientious cleaning such that the crawlspace is now completely mold free. He also replaced the moisture barrier on the floor in a far more thorough way than the previous installers. Al also recommended along with my HVAC company what dehumidifier to get for the crawlspace which I ordered.
Al Ruano and his people are the best people one could hope to get for this type of project . I’d call on them again in a nanosecond if I ever purchased another house. They’re superb!

obin Orenbuch in Manassas, VA

Al Ruano and his team are extremely efficient and communicate wonderfully. I had a broken ice maker hose and leaking sink that caused my whole kitchen to be damaged. They removed SEVEN layers of flooring in my kitchen! They also recommended a really awesome contractor for the rebuild. They contacted my insurance company for me to let them know I just had water damage and not mold as well. I don’t know if anybody else would have gone so above and beyond. Definitely recommend these guys!

Mal R in Manassas, VA

We chose Drying Tech over other companies based on reviews, and we were glad we did. Although our issue was fairly small, the Drying Tech professionals responded all out. They found the source of the leak in the HVAC system (cracked pipe), contained the water until we could get the HVAC company out, removed the area of wet/moldy drywall, treated areas that needed it, and dried everything out. Then they provided documentation to keep for the future to show proper remediation. Fully recommend this company.

Cecilia Miner in Manassas, VA

The professionals of Drying Tech of PWC were quick to respond to our call about a large spot of mold found in our home. They were very respectful of our home and were very meticulous in removing the mold and all trace of work. They also inspected for potential cause of the mold which was quite helpful. We would definitely recommend them!

Charlotte Blazy in Manassas, VA

Rated highly for: Responsiveness, Quality, Punctuality, Value
An absolutely A++ company. Al and his company came out within a couple of hours of our call, in the middle of a downpour of rain I might add, and quickly and efficiently remediated an area with water damage and mold. He was very professional, efficient and courteous. I can’t imagine a company providing any better service. Once he was done, he referred us to a contractor to do the repair work, who was also just fantastic. I wish I could give 6 stars!!

Francina Segbefia in Manassas, VA

This company is amazing. I was so impressed with their professionalism. Totally satisfied. Highly recommend!! They cleaned my whole basement, took pictures of all the damage, removed all the damaged walls and flooring and cleaned my floor before they left. Really nice too.

shanna peterson in Manassas, VA

Hello Friends and Neighbors: I have used the extraordinary service of Drying Tech twice for my home. I can firsthand attest to the extraordinary professionalism, outstanding customer service, and flawless service job Drying Tech provides. The service team at Drying Tech was on-time, excellent customer service with a most friendly demeanor, and my home was spotless after their work was performed. I was once referred to ServiceMaster as a service provider and they did a sub-standard, awful job on my home leaving leaving scuff marks, stains on my carpet, unreliable appointment times, and caused more damage. So, please do not even look elsewhere; Drying Tech is first class and no other service can even compete. Drying Tech is the best service provider in the Washington-Metro area for any type of water damage in your home. You have my word on this fact.

Regina Kalasky in Manassas, VA

We had an excellent experience with Drying Tech of PWC. They responded to a request for service immediately and professionally. Their quick response to a water emergency undoubtedly saved us a great deal in money by starting water mitigation rapidly. Highly recommended.

Frances Westbrook in Manassas, VA

Highly recommend! Al and his team have done a wonderful job for us on a few different occasions. They are very knowledgeable, professional, thorough and friendly. This last time required the work of a plumber so Al recommended someone he knew. He then stayed until the plumber showed up to explain what he saw and to make sure the plumber took note of the various areas that needed to be addressed. The plumber also worked out great, so we are very thankful that Al took the time to do a great job, to explain the problem to us, to wait to show the plumber what needed to be done and to recommend a good plumber. We will continue to call on Drying Tech whenever we need this type of service in the future!

Peace Lily in Manassas, VA

Wonderful company and very professional services which I will recommand them to anybody if there is a problem in your house. Thank you Drying Tech!!

Sean Geramian in Manassas, VA

Wonderful company and very professional services which I will recommand them to anybody if there is a problem in your house. Thank you Drying Tech!!

Sean Geramian in Manassas, VA

It was a crazy time, dampness in be basement. One call to Stive and wow he arrived, gave me good information. We have work to do first, then he comes to make sure we are dry…
Thank you so much Drying Tech of PWC !
Having you in my phone list is so comforting.

Kathie Conn in Manassas, VA

I called on Thursday June 8th to have someone come take a look at some water damage. Marvin was at my property with in an hour and very professional. I highly recommend this company and will definitely use them in the future if needed. Thank you!

Tori C in Manassas, VA

My home got flooded due to a bathroom issue in my upstairs bathroom. I contacted Drying Tech as they were referred to me from a friend who has used them before. They showed up a couple hours later with all their equipment and started drying everything up and fixing we spots right away. Best part is that they dealt with my home insurance directly and made it an easy process for me. Hopefully I won’t have to call them again in the future but would highly recommend them to anyone with flooding or mold issues in their homes.

Fred O in Manassas, VA

We met Al Ruano from Drying Tech PWC, Inc. a few weeks ago. His company did a big job for our church. He was so, so helpful to us. We chose his company, because he has a great heart. He is truly a man of his word. Al, his sons along with other members of this awesome company are very, very professional. Once again, we thank you’ll from the bottom of our heart. We feel very, very strong about recommending this company to anyone.

Louise Taylor in Manassas, VA

Everyone, Kevin, Al & Stive total caring professionals. On time, responsive & reasonable.

John Brown in Manassas, VA

This is a family business and they treat their clients with the highest level of care. I HIGHLY recommend them! They are the best!

Evelyn Amador in Manassas, VA

Very happy with the Drying Tech team. We chose them over 3 mold remediation specialists. they were prompt, hardworking, thorough and went over and above expectations. Very happy with the results and with the team. Very professional and courteous. They wanted to please and did a great job. We were concerned that they were priced less than the mold specialists but felt their work was superb and the outcome excellent.

Connie Scott in Manassas, VA

These guys get 5 stars! Not only was the work of excellent quality, they are super friendly and personable to work with. I would hire them again without reservation. Thanks Stive and especially to Al for all the hard work done with care.

Laura Jones in Manassas, VA

I was very happy with the service I received and would recommend them to anyone.

Homeowner in Bristow, VA

DryingTech was exceptionally quick to make contact when we requested service and very easy to deal with for scheduling. They even gave me a discount from their quoted price in order to match a competitor’s price. Very pleased with the service and would happily call them again.

Patrick H. in Alexandria, VA

Top notch company. Their quality of work is unmatched. Especially at the price of the competition.

Derrick W. in Alexandria, VA

Reached out right away and handled the matter very quickly. The customer service from the first email & phone call to showing up at my house was perfect. They were very friendly and knowledgeable.

Homeowner in Arlington, VA

The company was very responsive to our needs. They contacted us quickly, came out very quickly, called to keep us updated and worked with our schedule even though we had a very short time to get the work done. I highly recommend them. They were very nice to work with and did a fantastic job.

Homeowner in Arlington, VA

Provided best solution. Worked around my schedule. Customer support was excellent and they took the time to explain every step. Provided solutions to prevent reoccurrence.

Homeowner in Alexandria, VA

The project was completed just as explained. The price was significantly lower than the competitors and I feel I wasn’t taken advantage of. The only disappointment I had was the fact, I had to hire another contractor to repair the drywall and tile work. Other than that, I’m satisfied.

Juray W. in Haymarket, VA

The price was good and the work satisfactory. I have been unable to get paper documentation from the company for my records. They coated the lower part of the unfinished cinder block walls with a moisture blocking paint and I would like to have a statement of this work for when I eventually sell my home. Have made the request twice for written statements.

Maryann R. in Fairfax, VA

Mr. Al was incredibly professional, polite, and honest. I was quoted so much more by other companies for the same work. He was quick and thorough. He explained each step he would take in the remediation process. I never felt rushed or pressured. I feel confident in my decision to use DryingTech. My home looks and feels so much better. I highly recommend them!

Homeowner in Alexandria, VA

Drying Tech is one of the quickest response teams for damage restoration in the Northern Virginia area. They’re also professional, courteous, and will stick around to get the job done. A+ for the 24 hour call times

Jason Sanchez May 7th 2014

I highly recommend Drying Tech for any waterproofing and service needs. I called Alvaro at 10:00 am and was told he could be out in one hour. I was a skeptic, since no service provider has ever kept his/her word when it came to house calls. But, sure enough, there he was at my door at 11:00! Alvaro and his son Stive got right down to the problem and were very up front about what they would do and how much it would all cost. They came ready to work and cleaned up after themselves. Alvaro then came by the next day to check up on everything and make sure it was to his and our standards. We soon had another waterproofing/cleaning issue we needed done and Alvaro and his other son came and took care of it in about two hours, but charged us only $150. I know I can count on this family run business to take care of the needs of our 240 year old house. They are located in Woodbridge and I would recommend them highly!

Carla Wendy Sep 17, 2013

The family worked very efficiently to remove mold from my finished basement and utility room. Extremely pleasant to deal with and Al discovered a long-standing problem with the duct in utility room and arranged for the repairs the following day. Unexpectedly pleasant experience considering the need for their services. I would highly recommend this family operation to everyone!

Linda S. in Alexandria, VA 10/12/2013

This is truly a family business. Al and his son did exceptional work and were truly nice, personable people. The next day after the drying was done; Al’s wife came by and helped with the cleanup. They truly went above and beyond, and with the best price (half of ServPro’s estimate). I would recommend Drying Tech to anyone.

Ed Delacruz 10/24/2013