Emergency Storm Response

Natural Disaster Cleanup

When a big natural disaster such as a tornado, hurricane, flood, or even a blizzard occurs, they cause large scale damage to the interior and exterior of your home. As we have seen several times in recent years, the visuals of the aftermath of these huge storms can be heart breaking and the damage looks irreparable.

Fortunately, the damage repair experts at Drying Tech are here to help you recover after these troubling situations and get you back on the path to normalcy. Our dedicated professionals come together as a team to help cleanup and restore the the damage caused to your property following a catastrophic storm in Northern Virginia and the Surrounding areas.

  • Board Ups
  • 24 hour emergency tarping services

The hardest part of being a homeowner or a business owner is that you never know when a damaging event will occur. This can be anything from a fire, tree crashing into the property, burglary, vehicle impact, etc.

Proactively Protect Your Property From Damage

Well we don’t get to choose when these events happen. Convenient or not Drying Tech is here to protect your property until you can get in contact with a contractor.

Without protection to the building additional damages can happen. Offering Tarping and board up services around the clock can give you piece of mind knowing your property is safe until proper repairs begin.

Key Benefit of Service

Whether you require disaster prevention or disaster cleanup, call our group of qualified emergency storm response handymen. We take pride in the work we perform to help our clients.