30 May. 18

What Are the Signs of Having Poor Air Quality in Your Home?

We all spend a lot of time in our homes, and never really think about how important it is to have clean air for us to breathe. Many individuals don’t notice the quality of the air inside their homes until they have been away for a few days. When opening the front door of the home, the poor-quality of the air is noticeable in a variety of ways. Here are some of the signs of having problems with the air in your home:


• Foul odors

• Dusty air

• Allergy symptoms

• High humidity level

• Dry air

The air inside your home should smell fresh the majority of the time, and if you have poor air quality inside your home, it can affect your respiratory tract, leading to sinus infections and asthma attacks. While you might have a bad odor in your home after cooking fish or some other type of pungent food, it isn’t normal for this smell to remain in your home for several days.


Air Purifiers Can Remove the Smell Of Cigarette Smoke

When you smoke cigarettes, the odor from the smoke might linger in the air, and without proper ventilation, the smoky smell will settle into the fabric of your draperies and the fibers of your carpeting. If you smoke inside your home, then you must make an extra effort to remove the foul odors by having an air purification system.

Mold Removal Improves Your Home’s Air Quality

If a surface in a home is too damaged by mold, then the technicians can remove it so that all of the mold spores are eliminated. In addition, a mold removal technician can determine why there is mold in your home so that you can repair a leaking roof or a broken water pipe. The proper removal of mold from your home will improve its air quality so that you don’t have an assortment of symptoms, and it makes your home safe to live in again.