20 Dec. 16

Simple Prevention Goes a Long Way

The Wake Up Call

Imagine! Waking up to the sound of a busted water pipe. You’re snatched out of a wonderful dream. You stumble around like a zombie trying to find the shut off valve to the water system. You’re still not fully awake, so you go for your morning shower to bring life back into your anatomy. That’s when your brain conceives the realization that you now have no water! To make matters worse, you can’t make coffee! That’s when that bolt of lightning hits you, and you think back to when you first knew about the unwrapped pipes. It was a small problem at first, but it’s the small problems that can lead to the overwhelming disaster that can ruin a person’s day.

So What Now?

It’s simple! You make phone calls between breaks to find a plumber who can, hopefully, work around your schedule and fix the problem quickly. This would be easy, if it wasn’t in the middle of the winter, and hundreds of other people were not calling for the same problem. Finally, you find someone who can come and do an estimate after you get off work. An estimate? You need the problem dealt with, not just an estimate. What’s worse, you never even thought about cost. Is it even in your budget to have the leak fixed? Are you going to have to sacrifice something else to have this done?

Prevention of Unwanted Stress Levels

Who needs the chain reaction involved with a simple mishap gone awry? No one wakes up thinking how much they would love their budget, and mind, to be put in complete chaos. So, what can be done to prevent these setbacks?

  1. Wrap your pipes.
  2. Have a qualified professional inspect your home every 2 years.
  3. Don’t put off the little things that can lead to the bigger problems.

Yes, these simple steps can keep you alert to what is going on in your plumbing system. Wrapping your pipes that are along exterior walls will help prevent freezing and bursting. Check for cracks or breaks in existing insulation. If you find anything replace it. It doesn’t take much to wrap the pipes and you can buy the proper insulation at most hardware stores.

If you really don’t trust your judgement on insulating the pipes, you can ask your plumber or an esteemed company that prides themselves in the quality of their work who even give free estimates. They will inspect for existing water damage and mold buildup that went unnoticed. Let the inspectors, like Drying Tech, know of the date of your last inspection, so they can assess the situation properly. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice. That’s what they are there for. The more you know about prevention the better off you and your family will be.

Putting off these little things can cause you to live a life of regret and misery. Don’t be that person who procrastinated. Start the prevention steps now. You will save time and money in the future.