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The Drying Tech quality control process is unmatched. We take pride in every job that we complete, and want to ensure that your property is treated with the highest level of quality. While other companies only check the final product, we perform quality inspections of the materials and work through every phase of the job.

Our extensive quality control measures are put in place to make sure that all work is done correctly and up to code. Our quality control consists of:

  • Planning and execution quality
  • Quality of material
  • Quality of our customer service
  • Quality of our workmanship

When it comes to construction, quality control means making sure all work is completed with the at least the minimum standard of material and craftsmanship. Everything must be compliant and up to code, or it will not pass an inspection.

Our quality control goes beyond the project site. We have total quality control, meaning every aspect of our company is completed to the highest of standards. We provide top notch training for all of our employees, constantly check and perform maintenance on our equipment, and require a zero defect standard on materials from our suppliers. We inspect all materials from suppliers and return anything that is defective.

We stand behind our work and guarantee top notch customer service and workmanship throughout the entire restoration process. All of our equipment, materials, and tools are high quality so that we can provide our customers with the best service possible. We decontaminate all of our tools and equipment after each use so that they are clean and ready to use for the next job.