10 Feb. 21

5 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Mold

Here at Drying Tech, we are all experts when it comes to molds and molds removal. Basic facts include molds as very dangerous and should not be allowed anywhere near the home and body. However, as our customers and homeowners, do you have enough knowledge about this teeny weeny thing? And is your knowledge about molds enough to combat it and prevent it from causing havoc to your home and your health? If not, then no worries dear homeowners as we have prepared 5 important facts that you ought to know about molds.

  • Molds doesn’t smell

Contrary to what most people believe, molds don’t have any discernible smell. The musty odor that is typically linked to molds is from the gasses and toxins it emits. As the molds grow and multiply, it produces microbial volatile organic compounds (MVOCs) which causes its smell. Problem is some molds are highly toxic and once they have entered your home and office, then start becoming a major hazard to your home and health. The most common toxic molds that you should watch out for at the Black Mold, Aspergillus, Fusarium, and others. Dealing with them should be left to the experts.

  • Dead molds can still harm you

Many homeowners thought that once the molds are dead, they are no longer a threat to you. Sorry to disappoint you, but dead molds are as harmful as the live ones. The spores of the non-viable type of molds or the dead molds can still float in the air and enter your lungs. When this happens, you will begin to experience symptoms of respiratory problems or allergy attacks. To prevent the threat caused by molds, whether is viable or non-viable, is to not just kill it, but to completely remove it from your home. 

  • Molds are persistent

You may think that cleaning and spraying down bleach and other chemicals to the molds is enough. Again, you are wrong. In fact, even the mold resistant paints aren’t as effective in resisting the penetration of molds. If you want to totally drive molds away from your home, you need to seek help from Drying Tech. Our mold remediation experts will remove the existing molds but will also identify the source of it such as moisture, dry it up, repair the damage caused by the molds, and purify your air to make sure there are no mold spores left in your home. 

  • Molds are everywhere

Molds are very tiny and they are found everywhere! Truth is, 50% of the homes in the US have mold issues. Molds used to be beneficial to us. However, the problem comes when they start to grow and multiply. And mind you, they do this real quick. Molds can grow in 24-48 hours. 

  • No tests needed for molds

You might have read somewhere that you need to test a mold when you spot one inside your home. A mold is a mold whether you test or not. It can damage your home and trigger respiratory problems in your family. The moment you notice molds growing in your home, call the experts immediately to reduce the damage it causes and to prevent it from recurring.