25 Feb. 19

Avoid Contamination from Sewage Pathogens

sewage water clean upWhen you have a sewage backup onto your property, it is a disaster that requires a professional cleaning process. Sewage is a dangerous substance that contains parasites, viruses, and bacteria that can make you seriously ill. In addition to possible contamination from skin contact, the pathogens from sewage can filter into the air, and breathing the microorganisms is also dangerous.

Technicians Can Remove Sewage from Landscaping

Sewage backups can occur outside a building, and a remediation company can send technicians to the property to suction the waste with special equipment. This is a faster process than removing sewage from inside a building, but it does require special handling to avoid contamination. In addition, the remediation team must use the proper cleaning processes to meet the standards of local health codes.

Call Remediation Technicians Right Away

If you have a home or business that is contaminated with sewage from a broken sewer line, then you need immediate remediation from professionals. A sewage cleaning company offers fast services on a 24-hour basis, so you must call right away to have the technicians arrive within an hour or less. The team of technicians will have a variety of equipment on their service vans to begin cleaning the mess, but first, they will assess the damage to make a remediation plan.

We Use Sump Pumps to Remove Deep Sewage

Stopping the source of the sewage is imperative, so the technicians may need to contact the local sewage company to have the sewer line repaired. Next, any sewage that has seeped into the deeper levels of a building requires removal. To remove this sewage, the technicians can install a sump pump. The collected sewage is containerized for proper disposal to avoid contaminating any water or soil.

Removing Deep Sewage

The thick sewage on surfaces is shoveled into additional containers, and during the procedure, the team of technicians wears protective garments, goggles and shoes to avoid any contamination. After this sewage is eliminated, the technicians can use suctioning equipment to remove more debris. In some cases, it is possible to wash away the sewage from some surfaces, but many items are not repairable.

Ripping Away Damaged Materials

Our technicians can remove damaged floor tiles, carpets and cabinets from a building for disposal. In addition, if the sewage has leaked behind baseboards into the insulation of the walls, the team will rip away the drywall so that you can replace it. This is often a difficult and dangerous job because of the possibility of having slippery floors or wet electrical wiring.

We Sanitize Surfaces to Eliminate Pathogens

The sewage cleaning continues by making sure that surfaces are sanitized to destroy pathogens. Drying a building is essential because any moisture will encourage the growth of mold. This type of contamination thrives in humid conditions, so the technicians must install dehumidification systems and circulating fans. Contact us at Drying Tech of PWC Inc., in Arlington, Va., for more information about professional sewage disaster cleanups.