03 Feb. 20

Foundation Water Damage & Tips To Guard Against It

What damages a strong foundation?

A strong foundation of a home is designed to stand the test of time; however, it is also subject to wear and tear. Your home can be exposed to several damaging factors such as earthquakes, tree roots and the most common of all – water damage. Water is important, but it should not be in places where it is not needed. When water collects around your house, the soil around the foundation will start to expand and shift. As a result, the pressure on the foundation walls will increase too. That’s the time when the damage will manifest through cracks and leaks which allow the water to penetrate the foundation. 

When it does, it can cause severe damage to your home affecting belongings and your electrical system; and worse, it can cause structural damage. Fortunately, you can prevent this from happening. Below are some tips on how to keep the water away from your home.

Tip 1. Clean your gutters regularly. When there is debris in your gutters such as leaves and twigs, it can lead to clogged up gutters. When this happens, your gutter wouldn’t be able to take and release rainwater properly. As a result, rainwater will accumulate and get stuck in your gutter. After some time, your gutter will spill all the water and may damage to your siding and foundation. Clean your gutters twice a year to ensure your gutter system is working properly.

Tip 2. Keep your soil hydrated. A dry soil might be good for the foundation; but when a big storm comes, rainwater can expand the soil in an instant, putting too much pressure on the foundation walls. Make sure to wet your soil during hot summer days to prevent it from instant contracting and expanding.

Tip 3. Leakproof the entire house. Inspect everything in your home for possible leakages – the walls, roofs, sinks, and even your plumbing system. Make sure that everything is in its excellent condition to protect your home’s foundation against any water damage.

Tip 4. Invest in a quality sump pump. A sump pump can prevent basement floods so make sure you get yourself a good one. Also, perform several checkups and testing on your sump pump to ensure that is it working properly. 

Knowing these tips can protect your home’s foundation and save you a lot of costly repair and headaches. If you have questions or want more information on how to protect your home or to see if you’re at risk contact us at Drying Tech.