30 Mar. 15

How we deal with your Insurance

Insurances can be a pain and we all know it.

When water damages happen, you as a home owner have enough to worry about.

There is so much on one’s mine such as “What plumber should I use?”, “How do I turn the water off?”, “What Water Damage company should I use?” and lastly “Will/should I use my insurance to cover this?”

It is okay because we have all been there.

No one expects a tornado to run though their house but they buy insurance to cover that so why should water be any different.

Before calling your insurance company wait for your plumber and water Restoration Company to arrive and assist you. Sometimes your deductible can be higher than the damage itself so why call and pay more and possibly raise your rates?

At Drying Tech we work with most insurances and help take the burden off of you the home owner.

We strive to make a disaster into something manageable.

We know that there is a lot of clean up and sorting through belongings after they were damages or wet.

We also know that as a home owner you work to make a living so sometimes taking off work can be a hassle. That is why Drying Tech is so perfect for home owners. We work on your time. We don’t give you a 5 hour window and say we will be there when we get there. We give you an hour window and we are there within that time. We don’t want this process to be stressful and a headache so we do our best as a company to make your life just a little bit easier.