25 May. 15

The Essentials for a Home Disaster Preparedness Kit

No one wants to think about it until it is too late. Preparing for a disaster is not an easy task but it will make it easier on the entire house hold if you get ready for it beforehand. On the news you see floods, wildfire, riots, sinkholes and a wide range of events that are terrifying if imagine your family in the midst of one.

When considering things rationally, you find that keeping things simple is the best course of action. If you stop and think about what your family needs, just the absolute essentials, you will find your Home Disaster Kit preparing itself. When creating this kit remember to make it for at least 72 hours.


If you plan on evacuation you should have enough water for 3 days. That is usually 1 gallon per day per family member. For staying put, you should stick to the gallon a day per person plan as well as setting aside an extra 5 gallon containers. Include your pets as well in the equation and how much water they should have per day. Having some plastic sheeting to line your bathtubs and sinks with is also a good idea to hold water.


Keeping a stock of dry, easily portable food. You will want to pack enough for roughly three days for evacuations and a two week supply for an emergency where it is safer to stay at home. Keep the needs of your pets in mind too. You should keep a spare bag of dry food for your furry loved ones.

Crank powered Radio

Having a way to stay connected to the outside world is a must. Try to use a crank powered device rather than a battery powered one to save on weight and time.


Keeping a spare week of medication for whatever health issues your family and pets have can be an easy oversight. Depending on the condition, it can be nearly as vital as water during a disaster.


Since showers and bathes are probably not going to be very frequent during a disaster, you should have a ready supply of sanitary wipes and antibacterial soap. Keep a clean change of clothing on hand as well. Staying clean and dry is important for staying healthy and energetic.


This includes vital documents like Home Titles, driver’s license, birth certificates. Include photos of your family if a separation occurs. Pet’s papers should also be included in this stack of papers. You are the best judge of what papers you think you will need. If you need an idea for holding these papers check out Pinterest and others ideas. Remember to try and keep this water proof.

Cash and tradable items

Having a stash of cash ready to go during an evacuation is a good idea. Keep in mind that during a time of unrest, cash may become less valuable than food and water, keep a little extra for trading. Even precious metals can be useful for bartering during uncertain times.

Cell Phone

Being able to call for help is always a good thing. New water powered battery chargers can insure that your cell phone stays charged and ready for any emergency.

Having a plan and an emergency kit can make all the difference in the world during a disaster. The list above is a good start but in the end you are the best judge of what to pack for your family in case of a disaster.

If you want more information I would check out this website for more ideas. http://www.ready.gov/kit